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     Yves Hamel was driven by his passion for woodcrafts when he jumped head first into the applied arts odyssey.  In 1993, he held his first Moqueurs birds exhibit.

     The following years, Yves Hamel created a variety of products inspired by his funny birds : bottle holder, clothing caddy, banana hanger, etc.  All his creations are full of humour and attract people, not only because they make people smile, but also because they make life easier.  Just think of his toast grabber...

     Born in Montreal, Yves Hamel now lives in Sainte-Sophie, in the Laurentians.  He is surrounded by nature, wich has helped his talent for photography to emerge.  He has used his own flower photos for his magnetic boards, not to mention pictures of his cats, who are everywhere in his newest Moqueurs collection.  Either by using his pictures as they are or by transforming them with his computer, Yves Hamel creates very amusing characters.  Have you seen his grinning cats ?

     Always looking to put a smile on your face, Yves Hamel is constantly searching for ways to improve his products and to create new ones.  Does he sleep at nignt?  Just ask him mext time you see him...!

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